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SOBE Energy Solutions LLC.

  SOBE Energy Solutions (SES)

SOBE Energy Solutions (SES) is part of the "SOBE" group of companies that combine to provide a new concept in energy management and consultation as well as plant and facilities ownership and operation. SES has spent several years in the search and evaluation of (WTE) waste to energy technologies, with our mission focused on the production of a synthetic gas versus liquids. In our view a synthetic gas or syn gas is more environmentally friendly and is better suited for a sustainable energy strategy. Our search resulted in the discovery of CHZ Technologies. Their technology fulfilling our desired technical requirements and business model significantly better than any other technology evaluated throughout our global search. As a result, SES formed a strategic technology partnership with CHZ Technologies for the use of their technology in all our owned or managed WTE facilities. 

SES provides the recycling and handling facilities for pre processing hydrocarbon man-made based products such as waste tires and all seven grades of plastic into feedstock  used internally within the group's (WTE) waste to energy conversion technology. The feedstock is converted during the technology process inside the plant (SOBE Thermal)  into a clean synthetic fuel gas that can be used directly in burners for process heating, or in gas turbines or reciprocating engines for electricity generation. Providing a clean, safe and environmentally friendly solution for the re purposing of these difficult waste streams and reducing landfill usage. SOBE in turn establishes a true circular economy based recycling model. Utilizing an inexhaustible stream of man made waste converted into clean energy. The byproducts produced connsisting of carbon black and steel are then repurposed for the greater good of our planet's resources and the enviroment.

Our enviroment today is being over taken by man-made waste - plastics, tires, electronic waste etc., we see these images on the news every day. Landfill is fast becoming a limited resource and  not a sustainable long term solution to our ever increasing waste problem. The oceans are also being polluted by plastic waste and this in turn affects marine life and ultimately us.  Hydrocarbon based man-made pollution has to be be reduced quickly, less than 14% of plastic waste in the world is recycled.  We owe the generations that follow us to show them we did  care about our planet and we developed the technology to minimize this pollution. If the remaining 86% of non-recycled plastics could be processed using the technology SOBE utilizes it could provide the entire U.S.A. with all its electricity, without resorting to fossil fuels. This is why we are passionate at SOBE about promoting the benefits of the technology utilized in our plants. Efficiently and economically turning an inexhaustible stream of man made waste into clean, cost effective energy for our clients.  

Our first SES recycling location is proposed at Lowellville a village in Mahoning County, Ohio, United States, in the "Steel Valley" area of the northeast part of the state of Ohio, southeast of Youngstown. Providing SES excellent rail or overland supply chain connections and being in close proximity to the SOBE Thermal plant, a district public heating and cooling utility located in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. The Lowellville recyclying facility will cover an area of approximately one hundred thousand square feet and will employ approximately eighteen staff on a twenty four hour by seven basis once fully operational. A video of the original design concept for a combined recycling and merchant power plant is shown in the "Waste to Energy" video below.

W​aste to Energy ( WTE) Combined Recycling & Merchant Power Plant Video

This video highlights the original design concept for SOBE's plants. This example is based on tires as the feed-stock. A similar design is envisaged for other waste feed-stocks such as plastics, rail road ties, carpet and e-waste etc. The variable being the feed-stock pre processing and handling equipment required and the end user energy requirement. 

SOBE Energy Solutions LLC. 





SOBE provides finance, technology, design, construction, management and operation models, for  its recycling and energy generation facilities, providing our clients with; 


* Project Financing

* Multi disciplined teams involved with both design and construction  phases, including external contractors 

* Management of all engineering contracts

* Maintenance work and asset performance strategies

* Life-cycle management of the generation infrastructure

* Building a  blueprint for a  sustainable and environmentally friendly energy community.

SOBE Energy Solutions LLC.​

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